I have always believed one of the most relevant roles retail can play, pre or post pandemic, is in sharing the stories behind the products and the global connectivity each brings to a purchase.

The work created by the founders and makers behind each of these organizations are all represented in beautiful unique products on my shop floor, and I am humbled to share and raise awareness on behalf of their tireless efforts to make life better for others.

Plume Collection and The Baraka Project:

This beautiful collaboration was brought to my attention by one of my favorite jewelry designers, Kate Collins of Plume Collection.

Plume partners with Art and Abolition to fund and direct the women's economic empowerment program, Baraka. 

Art and Abolition is a non-profit organization based in Kenya, whose mission is to heal and empower young survivors of sex slavery by providing them a home and an education after extricating them from a life of sexual violence.

For more information or to donate:

LFFP and Kate Mueth

Anyone who has heard of Kate should know she is a Hamptons community CHAMPION, and I was both honored and humbled she asked Sunshine to be one of the many lucky bases to her recent project, LFFP.

The Little Free Food Pantry is a movement that builds, erects and manages a small pantry to be filled daily with non-perishable food for anyone who needs to receive.

The LFFP located at Sunshine additionally offers feminine hygiene products for those in need.

To learn more about this and the many other important projects Kate creates, visit:

Paper Fig Foundation: Founder Laurie deJong created this multifaceted and fast growing foundation to promote fashion and fine arts as an engine for economic empowerment in East Africa.

Equipping hundreds of youth who would otherwise be unable to attend school with life skills like sewing, the Paper Fig Foundation provides work for hundreds of designers, models, and support personnel through production of groundbreaking events, helping thousands gain access to economic empowerment in East Africa.

To learn more or donate:

Dreamcatcher Collection and 13 Lunas

13 Moons is a seed guardian collective based in Tulum, Mexico. So many shop products I hold dear to my heart are thanks to the rich traditions, rituals and craftsmanship of Mexican heritage. This project boosts the conservation and reproduction of free seeds and Mayan ancient culture.

To learn more, please visit:

Love from Lamu Collection and Usikimye

Based in Nairobi and blessed with leadership from the founder of my Love from Lamu collection, Chloe Dirksen, Usikimye has fast become an essential haven for SGBV survivors.

The Usikimye vision is to become a one stop Sexual Gender Based Violence care center that provides comprehensive services to SGBV survivors that include psychosocial support, medical evaluation and treatment, emergency contraceptives for females of reproductive ages, forensic analysis, trauma counselling, paralegal services and transitional safe rooms.

To learn more, visit